An impressive and coherent course about risk evaluation. (Also applicable to nano particle risk evaluation!)

Just recently Toni Harrison on LinkedIn pointed to a very helpfull video regarding risk evaluation done by Peter Sandman.
This explains in a coherent way why nano danger pubications gain so much publicity, but also how they gain influence and what they mean whith respect to real danger.
This clip is a brief excerpt (9:37) from a two-day seminar I gave in 2010 for the Rio Tinto mining company.  The excerpt explains my signature formula, “Risk = Hazard + Outrage” — which aims to capture the crucial truth that people focus more on how upsetting a risk is than on how dangerous it is.
A much longer clip explaining the ramifications of this formula is available on Vimeo at  I’m posting this excerpt on YouTube almost as an advertisement.  I’d really rather people watched the longer version.
Links to all my clips from this Rio Tinto training (as well as other audio and video resources) can be found on my website at  The Rio Tinto clips add up to a free online course on my approach to risk communication and especially to low-hazard high-outrage risk communication, which I call “outrage management.”     –Peter Sandman

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